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Residence & domicile

Our dedicated team of lawyers will advise you on your residence and domicile status and provide you with the tax planning advice to meet your present and future goals. 

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Clients and their families are becoming more mobile. We know that residence and domicile are at the heart of any tax planning, especially where there is an international dimension. 

Getting to grips with the concept of residence and domicile can be daunting. The rules are complex, yet they are the two key connecting factors applied in the UK to determine your tax treatment, as well as other important legal matters. Our team of experts can help by giving you straightforward advice in a language you'll understand. 

We advise clients on UK law and HMRC practice regarding residence, domicile and deemed domicile for UK tax purposes. 

Our team supports clients through the planning stages of either arriving in, or departing from, the UK. And if you're concerned about a conflict of law and the interaction of UK and foreign succession and tax laws, we can help.

Whether you need help with establishing your residence or domicile status, understanding the effect of the deemed domiciled status, the application of double tax treaties or calculating whether you should claim the remittance or arising basis, we can assist you at every stage. 

Different countries have different rules and of course different tax charges. Through our well-established relationships with global firms we can provide you all the advice you need if you are considering a move abroad or to the UK. 

We also have the support of a dedicated team of immigration specialists. After assessing your case and objectives quickly they will provide you with a clear roadmap through the complexities of UK immigration law so that you can achieve your objectives. 

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