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When you live an international life, we can help you to bring all the legal strands together, providing sophisticated advice in a seamless and straightforward way.

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Wealthy families are living increasingly international lifestyles. Members or branches of an extended family may be living in several different jurisdictions. This can make wealth and succession planning more complex, but it also brings opportunity, and both require support from advisers who understand the issues.

Increasingly, wealthy individuals and their families have wealth and assets spread across the world. Our lawyers understand the legal issues this brings and can advise and help you plan accordingly. 

Our internationally-focused private wealth team can help to simplify the complexities of an international lifestyle. Our tax and estate planning lawyers can advise you on how best to structure your wealth, whether this involves setting up a trust, family governance structure or otherwise. We can also help with succession planning for your personal wealth and business. We have lawyers who are experts on Sharia law. They understand how religion and culture may impact wealth planning, particularly between generations, and how best to manage this to achieve your aims. 

For individuals and families who wish to live or invest in the UK, we can advise on immigration. From visas to naturalisation as a British citizen. For family members, dependent relatives, and domestic staff. When you reach the UK, we can continue to guide you on the legal issues that may arise, including wealth protection, marital contracts, employment related issues, property acquisition and complying with your tax and regulatory responsibilities. 

Should you find yourself in a dispute, whether personally or in connection with your business, our lawyers can help you each step of the way. Reputation management and the protection of your intellectual property are becoming increasingly important to our clients, their families and their businesses and in both areas, we can help you navigate these issues.


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