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We work with family offices, providing straightforward legal advice to help them manage their clients' wealth, businesses, lifestyles and the education and futures of their families.

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Family offices and the private banks and wealth advisers that work with them need wide-ranging advice to help them support their clients. This may include advice on acquiring a family home in the UK, applying for visas, buying art and luxury assets and, of course, deciding how best to structure the family's wealth round the world.

Our lawyers are used to working with family offices around the world, we provide the intrinsic legal support and on the ground advice to compliment the family office governance. We can advise on UK tax and the increasing level of regulation that applies to wealthy individuals and their structures. We can advise on UK immigration for individuals, families and, often, their staff members. We can setup efficient UK and offshore trust and corporate structures, as well as family governance and succession planning strategies to preserve a family's wealth and business for future generations. 

Risk and reputation management advice is essential for family offices wishing to protect their clients from social and other media interest. We have a team of lawyers specialising in this area. 

Family disagreements can lead to disputes. Our trust and estate disputes and family law teams are experts at identifying ways to avoid disputes developing using pre- and post-nuptial agreements, for example, or stress testing family trusts and other structures to identify and address potential areas of conflict at an early stage.


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