Family and relationships


Our Resolution trained mediator supports clients to find solutions themselves, through private, informed discussions.

"Three coffees in a row

Family mediation provides an environment for separating couples to discuss all arrangements about their separation, divorce, finances and children.

At Howard Kennedy, mediation is offered by a practising family law solicitor who can provide helpful insight and legal information to aid couples' conversations after their separation. 

A mediator is independent and impartial. They are instructed jointly by both clients and their role is to balance and manage the mediation process, working with each and both of the clients to guide them through their own discussions. A mediator will not give legal advice or make decisions for you, but can provide information, guidance and help clients to sense check any proposals.

Mediation is a really helpful tool for couples who want to have constructive conversations directly with one another, but with additional guidance. It can also be carried out alongside seeking your own independent legal advice.

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