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Charities and philanthropy

We advise individuals and companies who want to establish a charity and handle the whole range of charity matters, including the restructuring and merger of charities, issues of governance and dealing with  Charity Commission compliance.

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We help clients on every part of the charity life cycle, from formation, operational issues, and merging charities to fundraising, disputes between trustees, Charity Commission inquiries, reputational issues, and tax problems. 

Perhaps you want to establish a worthy cause, in the UK or abroad, or raise money for it. You may want to use your own funds during your lifetime, or raise funds, or include a legacy in your will to establish a charity.

We can help you achieve these aims, whether through establishing a charity of your own or supporting existing charities. We provide the full spectrum of legal advice for charities, across many causes, whether philanthropic or for specific purposes such as illness, disabilities, wildlife, housing, art galleries, and museums and religious institutions.

As well as complying with Charity Commission requirements, you may need to update your governing documents, or to get advice on liability issues, operational functions, contracts, and investments.

We can guide you on practical considerations, such as the legal format (whether a trust, company or charitable incorporated organisation) and the registration of your charity,  as well as operational matters like employment law, intellectual property, governance, relations with donors, and tax matters. 

We can also help if you face a crisis, such as disagreements between trustees, misappropriation of funds or Charity Commission investigations, as well as, legacy issues.

Many of our lawyers act as trustees for charities in a personal capacity. This gives us an added edge with experience in the realities of how charitable entities actually function.

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