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Retail & Leisure Trends 2024

Innovative resilience in uncertain times

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This report highlights key Retail & Leisure trends that will influence the next 12 months – from the reshaping of bricks and mortar shops to the continued growth of resale.

The retail and leisure sector has shown remarkable resilience and innovation in overcoming the difficulties posed by the pandemic, the Brexit transition, and changing consumer behaviour as well as a raft of other recent developments. The economic outlook for the UK appears somewhat more favourable in 2024, giving us reasons to be cautiously optimistic.

In this report, we have drawn on the expertise of our network of industry specialists from brands including Reformation, Joe & the Juice and Sellier, alongside insights from Howard Kennedy’s Retail and Leisure lawyers, to provide you with insights and practical recommendations to help you navigate the complex and uncertain scenarios that lie ahead.

The theme of our report is based on the practice of ‘kintsugi’: the Japanese art and concept of embracing the imperfections in a work of pottery by repairing broken pieces with gold. It’s the perfect metaphor for the retail and leisure sector in 2024, as businesses embrace sustainability and seek to transform challenges into strengths and advantages.

Our report highlights key trends that will influence the next 12 months – from the reshaping of bricks and mortar shops to the continued growth of resale – which will require innovative solutions and resilient responses from industry leaders. They represent pathways to not only maintain competitiveness but to excel in a constantly evolving market. Our 2024 events programme will look at these key trends and issues in more detail.

While the future is promising, it's important to remember that challenges like inflation and labour market tightness persist. Decision makers should remain agile and innovative, continually adapting to evolving consumer preferences and market dynamics. It's an interesting yet exciting time and with the right strategies, 2024 can truly be a success for retail and leisure businesses.

As key leaders and decision-makers, we hope this report will provide you with invaluable insights to make informed and positive board-level decisions in 2024.

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