Wills and succession planning

Family business

It is very easy for business owners to be caught up in the challenges of the present but advance planning can meet your own personal and family goals as well as those of your business.

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It is no doubt that strategic succession planning can safeguard the business, reduce the burden of personal taxes and prepare the family for the future. Let our experts help. 

The reliefs under the UK tax system are fairly generous when it comes to transferring business assets or ownership of a business. However, the rules are not always clear.

Our team has in depth experience and can advise you on the availability of valuable reliefs such as entrepreneurs' relief, holdover relief and business relief. 

Our approach is simple: we work with you to learn your family's unique objectives and requirements and, together, decide on an appropriate strategy. Our team creates and devises solutions for your business succession planning to prepare matters now and for the future. 

We work together with your other professional advisers to understand your business, help you to safeguard its value, and pass it on to the future generation intact. 

Our clients rely on our team of experts to protect and preserve the family wealth and business over the long term. 

We assist business owners with succession planning, addressing cross-border situations where relevant and preparing and educating the future generation on their responsibilities. 



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