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Esports: a creative agency perspective

In this video series, we explore the world of Esports with creative agency Strategy Director, Charlie Elliott, from Billion Dollar Boy. 

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More people play Candy Crush than watch Netflix! Everybody is a potential gamer now. Charlie Elliott, from Billion Dollar Boy, highlights emerging trends and opportunities in influencer marketing in the gaming and Esports space. 

While still in its infancy, Esports is proving to be one of the fastest-growing sectors in the sports world. With the rise of sponsorship revenue and an uptick in global viewership, this video series explores Esports from the point of view of a creative agency.

Charlie and Alex.

What is a creative influencer agency vs an influencer talent agency?

Brands are looking at different ways to produce content and get it out to a new audience that would otherwise go untapped. Consumer, culture, and category are the three Cs to consider in your influencer strategy. But what's the most important strategic consideration? 

What makes influencer marketing so effective?

Influencers have brands built on authenticity and integrity. They have an audience built on trust. And that trust is inherited by brands that align themselves with the right influencers. More brands are seeing this as an integral part of their marketing mix. And they value that the measurement of success is more accurate, and in real-time. Watch for more.
Charlie talking.
Charlie and Alex talking.

Brand considerations for influencer marketing

This is not about jumping on trends, it's part of a long-term strategy. It's about building a relationship from first consideration through to brand advocates. With a more digitally savvy audience, advertising is now seen as a value exchange. Watch to find out what Gen-z expect from brands in their social media feed. 

Brands in games & the metaverse

From buying clothing on the Sims, to acquiring credit for energy drinks on Call of Duty - brands are now using gaming as a media platform in its own right. Gaming brands are collaborating on new, exciting, and special initiatives to benefit the consumer. Play to find out more. 
Charlie and Alex talking.

The pyramid of influence

Queen Bey, football stars, Esports stars - that's the top of your  pyramid. People underestimate the hard work of content creators who feature these stars. They bring trusted, authentic, and robust brand power and reach. Are you a macro, micro, or nano influencer? Watch to find out. 

Adapting for the future

Gaming companies are adapting to legal considerations such as copystriking. Watch to find out how games now have built-in toggles to enable streaming without violating copy right. With the up-tick in mobile gaming, everyone is now a potential gamer. Watch to hear more about what the future holds.

Charlie talking.

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Esports: an influencer's perspective

Esports: an influencer's perspective

From Twitch and YouTube to the Premiere League - this series looks at how influencers have a growing role in Esports. We interview, Content Creator, Reev HD.

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