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Intellectual property disputes

Our Intellectual Property disputes team provides commercial advice that helps protect your intellectual property across a wide range of concerns, such as copyright, trade mark, and design right infringement.

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Your business has intangible value. Our Intellectual Property Disputes team will help you protect your business by protecting your intellectual property.

Intellectual property can often be the lifeblood of a company, the property that makes a company successful, and it can need protection more than other assets. Our Intellectual Property Disputes team ensures that your business' most valuable yet intangible assets are protected from those who would use them to their own advantage – and your disadvantage.

Our expertise in intellectual property disputes covers a wide range of client concerns including design right claims, copyright claims, passing off claims, domain name dispute resolution, and trade mark disputes (including infringement and revocation actions).

Our team advises clients from the very beginning of a problem all the way to its resolution. We understand that going to court is a daunting prospect. We also understand that intellectual property disputes can be particularly expensive and time-consuming. With strong skills and knowledge across all fee-earner levels, we will advise you quickly about the strength of your case so you can decide how you wish to deal with your problem.

If you do wish to go ahead, we will advise you on strategy and court tactics to obtain the best possible resolution. We will also negotiate with your opponents on your behalf where pre-court settlement is offered. Our advice is always based upon what is best for you commercially.

We understand what your intellectual property means to your business. Our wide range of experience sees us advise individuals and businesses in various sectors, with a particular emphasis on media and the creative industries, including music, TV and film,  theatre, publishing, advertising and PR, technology, fashion, art and cultural property.

We also have strong ties with lawyers across the world who we can work with to protect your interests not only here in the UK but abroad as well.

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