Trusts and inheritance tax planning

Setting up & administering a trust

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Our highly experienced trusts team assists trustees, beneficiaries and their advisers with a variety of trust situations, ensuring that our clients' trust needs and objectives are met.

Trusts are an effective way of managing your wealth now and in the future. Trusts can be used in a variety of circumstances, for example to assist with wealth protection, tax mitigation, long term succession planning or making provision for a disabled relative. They can hold a wide range of assets from property, quoted and unquoted investments to artwork.

We work closely with individuals, trustees, and beneficiaries. We ensure that we understand our clients' needs and objectives, whether they are looking to create a new trust, or they are the trustees or beneficiaries of an existing trust requiring our advice and assistance. We provide straightforward and comprehensive advice on a range of trust matters.

Working with our clients from the start, we help to establish trusts, while also advising on restructuring and varying trusts. We can help to simplify complex trust structures, and advise trustees as to the proper exercise of their duties and powers. If needed we help to manage family trusts on behalf of trustees and assist with changes of trusteeship, including the terms of indemnities. 

For trustees and beneficiaries, we provide advice on the taxation of trusts. More specifically we can assist trustees who require advice about their tax reporting obligations, while also advising on tax mitigation opportunities for individuals creating trusts and trustees managing existing trusts.

And if you decide to terminate your trust, we'll help you along the way.

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