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Internal investigations: how to get it right

From launching an effective investigations process and selecting the right team, to implementing a robust communications strategy and protecting your legal privilege, our cross-practice investigations team provides practical guidance on the internal investigations process to help you get it right.
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The aim of a good internal investigation is to determine the facts and unearth any wrongdoing, so that prompt and effective remedial action can be taken - but getting it right isn't always easy.

Our cross-practice investigations team outline the key stages of an internal investigation and share Do's and Don'ts to help you avoid common pitfalls and secure the most useful outcome for your organisation.

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It's all too easy when you spot some conduct that you don't think is quite right to go dashing straight into some other process, but that's where you should stop and think: Investigation!

Fiona Hinds,
Internal Investigations Part 1.

Do's & Don'ts of internal investigations part 1:

Partners Ian Ryan and Fiona Hinds outline their top tips for conducting an internal investigation. In part 1 they discuss embarking on the right process from the start, the importance of preserving evidence and how external lawyers can help you to shape a fair and defensible process.

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Be clear on the parameters of your investigation: understand what you're investigating, who you're investigating and how you're doing it.

Ian Ryan,

Do's & Don'ts of internal investigations part 2:

From understanding the parameters of your investigation to the importance of a robust communications strategy, partners Ian Ryan and Fiona Hinds offer practical guidance on how to get an internal investigation right.

Internal Investigations Part 1
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Preserving evidence is particularly important in a digital age, especially for multi-jurisdictional companies. Different countries preserve evidence in different ways.

Ian Ryan,
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A straightforward guide to internal investigations

Building on the Do's and Don'ts in the videos above, our Straightforward Guide to Internal Investigations outlines the key points to consider at every stage of an internal investigation.


A straightforward guide to interviews 

Interviews are often an essential part of an internal investigation so it's vital that they are conducted properly – to obtain the best evidence, protect the interests of a company and its employees, preserve privilege and maintain the integrity of the investigation. In our guide to interviews, we break the process down into key stages and provide guidance on the best practices to ensure your interview process goes smoothly.


Recognising a Whistleblowing Statement 

Many internal investigations are triggered by a whistleblowing accusation – where an employee raises concerns about wrongdoing within an organisation. If not taken seriously and investigated thoroughly, the situation could result in serious financial and reputational harm for a business. But what constitutes a whistleblowing statement and how does it differ from an employee grievance? We outline key considerations and conditions that can help determine the difference.


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Internal Investigations – Key Risks for Organisations and Individuals

David Hamilton spoke at City & Financial Global's Financial Services Investigations and Enforcement Summit. Read his key takeaways or watch his sessions to learn essential strategies for navigating these challenges effectively.

Watch David's session

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Find out how we can help

Find out how we can help

Our cross-practice investigations team consists of specialist lawyers from our business crime and regulatory, employment, commercial litigation, civil fraud, data protection and privacy, reputation and crisis management practices.

Internal investigations


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