Family and relationships


Our team of experts supports parents, step-parents, grandparents, alternative families, and others who play a role in children's lives on issues concerning children both nationally and internationally.

"Father and child in boots walking along trail.

We aim to assist parents, where possible, to achieve workable solutions which have their children’s best interests at heart. 

Issues surrounding children can often be emotionally charged and extremely complex. Looking to take the stress out of the equation for you, our team of family lawyers provides you with the support you need.

Whether it's guiding you through fertility law or helping to draft parenting plans we can help make complicated matters seem simple. 

Likewise, when a dispute arises, our team looks to settle an issue in a timely manner. From relocation disputes to disputes over where a child will be educated, our lawyers are here to help.

And sometimes disputes do have to be settled in court. We ensure that, in such circumstances, we provide clients with a dedicated and supportive team.

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