Wills and succession planning

Writing & reviewing a will

Our team is highly experienced in will drafting and can help you to ensure that your family's needs are taken care of should the worst happen.

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Although the thought of making a will can be unpleasant, it can help to avoid the difficulties that your loved ones may face if you were to die without one. Our team can help make it easy for you.

By making a will you are able to ensure that your estate passes to those that you want it to, rather than in accordance with the statutory intestacy rules. 

A well drafted will can also ensure that your wealth is protected for future generations.  Appropriate trusts can be included so children do not receive entitlements too soon and that claims on divorce or bankruptcy are limited.  Careful drafting may also help defer or mitigate the impact of inheritance tax on your estate.

We can provide you with guidance so you can be sure that you are appointing the right people to deal with your estate. And if you have children, we'll help guide you regarding the role of guardians to assist you in making the right choice.

When structuring your will, we'll help you ensure that any vulnerable beneficiaries, such as young children, disabled, or aged relatives or those facing financial difficulties, inherit in a way that suits their personal circumstances. We'll also give you an indication of your inheritance tax exposure and recommend ways that you can structure your will to maximise benefit to your family.

If you are a shareholder or a partner in a business, we can advise you on the availability of business relief and the way that you can structure your will to reduce inheritance tax on your business assets by up to 100%.

Meanwhile, we often advise clients who have a foreign connection on how they can structure their wills to ensure they are tax-efficient, whilst also ensuring their intended beneficiaries are able to inherit.

Even if you have a will in place, it is important that you keep this under review. Your personal circumstances or the law may have changed and your existing will may be outdated.

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