Whether in their business or personal lives, our Tax team offers guidance to clients to help them navigate their way through the complicated web of the UK tax system.  

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Our dedicated tax team offers an all-encompassing tax advisory service for both business and personal clients. Our mission is to translate tax into English, allowing our clients to make the best choices for their circumstances.

Tax can be complicated. We aim to give our advice in a clear, straightforward, and cost-effective way.  Our objectives are to help our clients see through the complexities of tax to the key issues that affect them and support them in making their decisions.  

For all of our clients, there is a strong overlap between their business and personal tax affairs.  We see little point in saving a small amount of tax in one area if it will cost more in another.  We work to give coordinated advice to our clients covering all areas of life and have the technical expertise, ability and know-how to guide and protect our clients across their various tax affairs.  

If you are buying, selling or structuring your business, if you are seeking new investment or want to reward your employees, if you are investing in or developing commercial or residential real estate, we are able to help.  On a personal level, if you want to structure your assets,  look after your estate, or save inheritance tax then we have members of our team who can advise.  

In addition to advising on particular transactions or arrangements, we also prepare tailored training sessions for clients and intermediaries on various tax, trust and administration of estate related issues to help them understand the possible tax consequences of their arrangements.

The team consists of highly professional and experienced tax lawyers and qualified Chartered Tax Advisers. It includes members of the Chartered Institute of Taxation’s Property Taxes Sub-Committee, the Stamp Taxes Practitioners’ Group, the VAT Practitioners' Group, the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and HMRC / HM Treasury working groups.  Our Head of Business and Property Taxes is editor of the property sections of the reference work "Monroe & Nock on the Law of Stamp Duties". 

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