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Defamation and reputation management

Our Defamation and Reputation Management team provides swift advice both pre- and post-publication and support going forward to protect our clients' interests.

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A good reputation is more valuable than money. Our Defamation and Reputation Management team can help protect you and your business on the fine line between privacy and the freedom of expression.

Your success grows on the strength of your reputation; if that reputation is damaged, so is your success. Our experts in defamation and reputation management can help protect your success by protecting your reputation.

Social media and online publications mean the spread of potentially damaging information is both faster and wider than ever before. It is important for you that your legal team is responsive. Our team will react swiftly to your calls and emails, be it regarding your initial concerns or follow-up work after wider publication or publicity. We also have strong ties with lawyers across the world who we can work with us to protect your interests not only here in the UK but abroad as well.

Our team has significant experience advising clients from the very beginning of a problem all the way to its end. We understand that going to court is a daunting prospect. We also understand that defamation actions can be particularly expensive and time-consuming. With strong skills and knowledge across all fee-earner levels, we will advise you quickly about the strength of your case so you can decide how you wish to deal with your problem. Our focus is always on getting you the best possible outcome. We will always try to avoid going to court where possible and negotiate a strong settlement on your behalf, using a pre-agreed strategy to get the result you want.

Our clients include traditional media organisations such as newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and satellite, as well as, those working in new media, such as online and social media enterprises. We also frequently act for businesses as well as high-profile and ultra-high-net-worth individuals in cases where there is a fine balance between the right to privacy and the freedom of expression.

We have worked on cases in all levels of the UK domestic courts, across Europe in the European Court of Human Rights, the European Court of Justice, and on cases based further afield. We have particular expertise in cases based in the Commonwealth, and have represented our clients in the Privy Council and the Inter American Court of Human Rights.

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