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Our General Crime team is recognised as one of the leading criminal defence teams in the country. We provide a full service to clients accused of criminal offences. Whether they are accused of sexual offences, harassment or fare dodging on the Underground, our team can help. 

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Howard Kennedy LLP has a ‘dedicated set of lawyers who really fight their clients’ corner’. It acts for high-net-worth individuals, high-profile clients, media clients, solicitors and other professionals. Areas of expertise include harassment, blackmail, drug offences and historic sexual offences.

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Crime: general

We represent our clients at all stages of the criminal process from interviews with the police through to trial. We also provide assistance to the victims of crime particularly clients who have been harassed or blackmailed.

Our team provides strategic and supportive thinking and advice, always looking to charter a way through complex and difficult investigations, often involving parallel civil, disciplinary or employment proceedings.

The team specialises in representing high-net worth individuals. Many of our cases are high profile and we frequently represent celebrities, politicians, high-net-worth individuals, athletes, journalists, and corporates. We regularly work with the firm's media team to protect client reputations and preserve confidentiality. As a result, the vast majority of our cases are never reported in the press.

We often work closely with other departments including our highly experienced commercial litigation, employment and family law teams to ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

We'll support you through every stage of the criminal process from advice at the police station, representations against charge to defending criminal proceedings. 

We are also experts in advising clients in historic sexual allegations, blackmail, harassment, crimes of violence, Public Order offences, Offences Against The Person, Official Secrets Act, Computer Misuse Act offences, Drug Offences, Sexual Offences, and Mutual legal assistance requests. And if you have a complaint against the police, we can help.

We have a niche practice advising victims of crime and are often able to persuade the police to pursue investigations, even where attempts to report crimes have previously been rebuffed.

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