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While we operate from a single office in London, at least a quarter of our revenue comes from outside the UK. In an increasingly globalised world, our clients' needs often have an international component and the requirement for international advice is growing.

The need for international advice will only increase in the coming years and therefore it is vital for you to use a firm which can provide that advice.

We work for clients both based in the UK operating internationally, and international clients and advisers looking for advice in the UK - often in connection with inward investment. Whether domestic or international, our approach is the same in that we provide joined up legal services along with the necessary experience which allows us to culturally understand and lead local relationships for international clients.

We maintain just one London office and work with either our clients' own lawyers, or sourcing advice from those best placed to provide it in the relevant jurisdiction outside of England & Wales. We are happy to interpret and coordinate advice for you and our independent approach gives you just that, wherever you are.

We have established working relationships with international law firms which allow us to connect you with high quality law firms, with whom we have worked for many years and who have experience and understanding of their local legal market, business life and culture.

We are sole English members of two leading international legal networks.  These are not exclusive relationships and maintain our connections with other international professionals and intermediaries to ensure the best possible outcome for all your legal needs.

We operate and have contacts throughout the world, but we have particular experience advising clients in Africa, China, Germany, India, Israel, the Middle East, Pakistan and the US.

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