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Offshore structures, tax and trusts

Our experienced private client team offers clients creative, strategic, and tax efficient solutions to preserve wealth now and for future generations. 

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Clients with foreign domicile and/or residence are able to take advantage of their status and exploit tax planning opportunities using offshore trusts, foundations, and other vehicles. 

Our aim is straightforward: to work with you, understand your aspirations and values and plan with you to ensure that your wealth, your family, your home and your business are protected, both now and for the benefit of future generations.

We support entrepreneurs, business owners, successful professionals, and those with inherited wealth to structure their assets optimally.

We advise clients on the benefits of using domestic and international trusts, foundations, corporate entities, and other vehicles for succession planning, confidentiality, and UK tax mitigation.

Our services include advising non-UK domiciled clients on the creation, administration and governance of offshore trusts, companies and other asset holding structures.

We work closely with our clients on the use of offshore trusts as a tax efficient holding structure for UK real estate and other assets to minimise UK taxes and other claims, such as forced heirship and Sharia rules.

We advise UK resident non-domiciled clients about the use of offshore structures for mitigation of UK income, capital gains, and inheritance tax, and for those individuals looking to become UK residents, we guide them on the steps they need to take prior to arrival. This includes advice on domicile and residence status, pre-arrival tax planning, claiming the remittance basis, and tax exposure on any existing offshore assets. For those who are departing, we help clients to plan their tax affairs for maximum efficiency.

We can also restructure offshore trusts to reflect changes to UK or foreign tax laws, or changes in the circumstances of the beneficiaries.

Our international networks and connections with overseas professional advisers, particularly in the key offshore jurisdictions, enable us to give you access to local market knowledge around the globe. 

You will receive the advice you need without having to deal with multiple firms, providing a single point of contact and a cost-effective alternative to using a global law firm. 

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