Watch now: Are you ready for your employees to return to work?

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The Prime Minister's announcement on Sunday 10 May that staff who cannot work from home should now be encouraged to attend work will come as welcome news for many businesses. 

However, with detailed Government guidance only now published and trade unions and employee groups already up in arms, reopening workplaces has the potential to become a major legal and employee relations headache if handled incorrectly.  

Our Head of Employment, Jane Amphlett and Senior Associate Alex Mizzi hosted a live webinar on Friday 15 May and answered some of the most important practical and legal questions, including:

  • What steps do I need to take before I can tell staff to come back to work?
  • What should I do about staff who are clinically vulnerable to COVID-19?
  • What about staff who say they can't come back before schools reopen?
  • What are my options if staff refuse to return to work?
  • What are my obligations to staff who are working from home?

Jane Amphlett presenting to camera.

Watch the webinar now

As businesses prepare to reopen in line with Government guidance our Head of Employment, Jane Amphlett and Senior Associate Alex Mizzi answer some of the most pressing questions as of 15 May 2020. 

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