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Trainee tips from the top

Last year some of our trainees sat down with partners (virtually speaking) to talk about the latest developments in their areas of expertise and their lockdown experiences. 

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Trainees are a crucial part of our business and we want them to get the best out of their training contract experience. We pride ourselves on our supportive culture where trainees can approach any colleagues across the firm. Whilst agile working has been implemented across the firm, access to senior lawyers remains in place.
Last year, when the majority of us were working from home, partners took time to chat to some of our trainees about the latest updates in their areas of expertise, talk about their lockdown experiences and give some top tips for future trainees. You can watch the series of videos below.

Alex and Duncan.

Alex Wood and Duncan Bagshaw

Alex and Duncan chatted about renewable energy in Africa and what hybrid working will look like going forward.

Rosie Morris and Robert Lands

Rob spoke to Rosie about how new businesses should protect their IP and gave his top tips to trainees joining virtually.

Rob and Rosie.
Adam and Jack.

Jack Richards and Adam Walford

What's in store for the hospitality sector? That's what Jack and Adam talked about in their catch up, as well as the best ways to unwind from work.

Annie Long and Vernon Dennis

Annie and Vernon chatted about the impact COVID has had on insolvencies and the importance of embracing opportunities during your training contract.

Annie and Vernon.


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