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Esports: an influencer's perspective

"Holding a PS5 controller.

From Twitch and YouTube to the Premiere League - this series looks at how influencers have a growing role in Esports. We interview, Content Creator, Reev HD. 

While still in its infancy, Esports is proving to be one of the fastest-growing sectors in the sports world. With the rise of sponsorship revenue and an uptick in global viewership, this video series explores Esports from the point of view of a content creator. 

Reev and Alex chatting.

Becoming a content creator and growing your audience

Reev talks to, Partner, Alex Watt about what it takes to grow a following of over 800k subscribers. Some influencers choose to stay true to posting content they enjoy, focusing on building a strong organic brand. Others take a commercial approach, producing content for the algorithm and ultimately the revenue. 

The future of influencers in Esports

The Esports industry has seen tremendous growth over the years, both in terms of viewership and revenue. We discuss how football clubs are now increasingly looking to sign TikTokers and gamers with an established following as brand ambassadors.
Reev getting mic attached.
Reev and Alex laughing.

Real-world money in Esports

To understand the impact of real-world money in Esports you only need to look at the most successful gamers. Reev considers whether there's a risk of games becoming "pay-to-win" due to the requirement for significant financial backing to operate at a professional level. 

Esports and Premier League football clubs

Many Premier League football clubs have embarked on building their Esports profile alongside the physical club to appeal to an international audience. For some time now cohorts of fans have even favoured supporting Content Creators over eSports players and on-the-pitch footballers. 
Reev and Alex making tea.
Reev and Alex talking.

Sponsorship in Esports

Reev discusses how, compared to the fluctuating nature of revenue from channels such as Twitch and YouTube, sponsorship deals offer a more sustainable income for Content Creators.  

We also explore how every growing industry has its legal challenges and opportunities, including copyright, IP rights, and sponsorship.

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Esports: a creative agency perspective

Esports: a creative agency perspective

More people play Candy Crush than watch Netflix! Everybody is a potential gamer now. Charlie Elliott, from Billion Dollar Boy, highlights emerging trends and opportunities in influencer marketing in the gaming and esports space. 


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