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Building up: Airspace Development

Airspace development has been the latest buzzword dominating the Real Estate world. In this video series, we examine what airspace development actually is, how planning requirements have changed, the advantages an airspace development can offer to tenants, developers, and landowners, and how to secure funding.

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An introduction to Airspace Development

Building up offers an alternative to horizontal growth amid the UK's housing shortage. Legal Director, Shreena Avery, gives an overview of what the benefits of airspace development are as well as what you should consider before embarking on airspace development.

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Property and planning

The development of airspace is a complex topic that calls for knowledge and understanding of several factors. Legal Director Shreena Avery talks about what developer's primary property considerations are.

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Airspace development requires specialised financing and every lender will have a different approach. In this video we talk about how to maximise funding potential for your airspace development. 

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Existing Flat Tenants

Amanda McNeil, Head of Real Estate Dispute Resolution, discusses what needs to happen when notifying existing flat tenants and what effect would it have.

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Rights to Light

While many aspects of an airspace development are comparable to those of other types of development, airspace developers must take into account the rights of light implications of their plans from the outset. Partner Ed Cooper examines the options open to developers as well as the possible effects of rights to light.

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Read more about Airspace Development

Read more about Airspace Development

Amid the UK's housing shortage, building up offers an alternative to horizontal growth, which is why property developers, investors, financiers, and business owners are increasingly thinking about airspace developments. 

Find out what you should consider before embarking on an airspace development. 

Airspace Development


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