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Talk Straight | Think Smart with Hannah Feldman

Talk Straight | Think Smart with Hannah Feldman

Would you leave the corporate world for an entrepreneurial one? Our next podcast guest did. Hannah Feldman took the leap to co-found Kidadl, the family home of edutainment. And it’s been quite a journey so far.

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We could be agile because the essence of our team, our business, and the nature of what we built was entirely agile, but I never realised quite how agile until I went through 2020 with it.

Hannah Feldman
Co-founder Kidadl

Hannah Feldman initially thought twice about going on a hen night on a Sunday. But she went for it, and it led to the transformation of her career. She moved from law, and banking and corporate finance, to founding a start-up and then scaling up.

Solicitor, Associate Director, Relationship Director and Head of Strategic Partnerships. You may think from Hannah’s CV that you’re looking at a corporate lifer. However, Hannah's desire to constantly innovate and find better ways to do things left her hungry for a more.

In a wide-ranging conversation, Hannah explains how a chance meeting at a hen night led to the about-turn in her career. How finding an issue that affected parents and carers everywhere slowly became all she thought about. Kidadl was born.

Initially focused on helping families discover, book and pay for activities and days out, Kidadl had to pivot quickly in response to COVID-19 to help parents find fun ways to educate and entertain their kids at home. The following growth outpaced anything they could have predicted, and unlocked a global market. But this speed brought it's challenges too.

Listen to the podcast for behind the scenes stories from this successful entrepreneur who started one of the world's fastest scaling platforms for family edutainment. Subscribe to our Talk Straight | Think Smart with Howard Kennedy series to hear future episodes from a wide range of inspirational entrepreneurs.

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Quick fire round

Each episode we ask our guests quick fire questions. Hover below to see what this revealed about this week's guest, Hannah Feldman....

What is Kidadl?

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The home of family edutainment, a leading global website helping you entertain and educate your kids.

Favourite activity at Kidadl?

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Finding hidden, esoteric gems for families to enjoy.

Would you grow, sell or start again?

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Grow. It nearly pushes you over the edge but it’s so rewarding.

Perfectionist or launch and learn?

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Perfectionist by default (ingrained as a lawyer!) but adapted to launch and learn.

Where did the idea come from?

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A hen do where I met my co-founder Sophie Orman.

A little more about this episode…

After holding senior positions at law firm Linklaters, Swiss investment banking giant UBS, private equity firm, Hamilton Bradshaw and management consultancy, Bluebox Corporate Finance Group, Hannah Feldman took a new path.

The path of the start-up entrepreneur. With her business partner Sophie Orman, Hannah co-founded Kidadl, the home of family edutainment.

Kidadl helps parents and carers find great ways to educate and entertain their kids with tailored content based on location, age and interests.

It’s been a challenge, a learning curve and a real eye opener but Hannah wouldn’t have it any other way. Now Kidadl has a 120,000 strong community of parents and carers who use the platform. Site usage is currently 40,000% ahead of forecast and on target to exceed 30 million page views this year – half of them from the US.

Kidadl is the internet’s fastest-growing platform for children’s edutainment.

Discover the journey Hannah is enjoying with Kidadl: how she’s using her professional skills and developing new ones, how COVID-19 led to some key decisions and how, despite lockdown, Hannah and Sophie’s business continues to help unlock the potential of children.


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