Fertility law & new families

We assist clients with all the legal complexities that accompany the process of starting a family, whether through surrogacy, adoption, or conception agreements.

"Child holding adult hand.

Our team of family lawyers know how complicated it can be to start a family. That's why we're experts in the laws surrounding surrogacy, adoption, and conception agreements, so you don't have to be.

We facilitate and simplify the process for our clients who are commissioning parents in a surrogacy. We also have experience acting for the surrogate in situations where regrettably issues arise in the relationship with the commissioning couple.

And where there is an international element to surrogacy arrangements our clients benefit from the immigration advice that we can provide and from our relationships with law firms overseas.

Our team also supports clients looking to enter into conception agreements in the event that they intend to have a child together but aren't in a relationship. 

We draft conception agreements for clients to help them avoid any disagreements. However, in the event of a fallout, we are also on hand to guide you through any disputes.

As with surrogacy, adoption is a complex and specialist area, and we assist with all types of private law cases, including adoption by step-parents (both heterosexual and same sex) and relatives, as well as international adoptions.

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