Employment tribunal litigation

Bringing or defending an Employment Tribunal claim can be a drain on time and resources, and can involve significant financial and reputational risks.  Our team of experienced employment litigators provides robust, effective representation for businesses and senior individuals, to take the sting out of the litigation process. 

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We represent senior executives and businesses in all types of Employment Tribunal claims, including discrimination, whistleblowing, and unfair dismissal.  We use our tactical expertise to secure favourable outcomes for our clients. 

Employment Tribunal claims cover a vast range of situations, from straightforward claims for unpaid wages to complex discrimination and whistleblowing claims which can take years to resolve. What they have in common is that they involve time, money, and risk.

We use our wealth of experience, thorough preparation, and tactical nous to take the pain out of the process for our clients and manage the risks. Our approach is strategic and pragmatic; we use litigation as a tool in our clients' interests and never let it take on a life of its own.   

Our team is experienced in Employment Tribunal litigation at all levels, including pursuing cases in the appeal courts, and we frequently act in complex, high-value claims, often with linked proceedings in the High Court. Our work includes gig economy/worker status challenges, sexual harassment,  discrimination and whistleblowing claims, as well as unfair dismissal, breach of contract, holiday pay and minimum wage claims. 

We never lose sight of the personal aspects of employment claims and the impact they can have, whether bringing or defending the claim. We make sure that our clients feel supported throughout the process, whether the claim is settled early on or fiercely fought all the way.  And when the claim has concluded, we work with our clients to minimise the risks of similar issues arising in the future. 

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