Inclusion and diversity

Gender Pay Gap Statement 2020

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At Howard Kennedy, we believe in fostering a fair, respectful and inclusive culture. A culture where all team members feel empowered and supported to be themselves and achieve their career and lifestyle ambitions.

The gender pay gap measures the difference between the average hourly total pay for all men versus all women at an aggregate level across an organisation. This is not the same as equal pay. Our goal was to improve our statistics from last year which we have achieved in the case of mean pay. However, the firm has a continuing commitment to reduce the pay gap further at both the mean and median level.

We are pleased to report that we are below the legal sector average of 28.3%, with a mean gender pay gap of 10.1% and a median gender pay gap of 26.4%. While we know that we have work to do, we are proud to be reporting a decreasing gap when the sector average is increasing.

As a firm, we are proud that we have a sizeable female population at all levels and we seek to continue to develop our talent pipeline, through our Future Leaders Programme, so that more women make it as partners. We continue to invest in the development of existing partners and 2021 will see an increase in investment for this population.

In the year ahead, we will continue to engage with our people and review our working practices and policies to support an inclusive workforce including maternity and paternity policies for employees and partners.

The data in our report for 2020 shows a gap in pay between men and women, due to a higher proportion of women holding roles in the lower quartiles. We have seen an increase in the overall percentage of women at the firm and are proud to be able to attract, recruit and retain women at all levels within the firm.

The report provides the full data and the background to the numbers, as well as the actions and plans we are undertaking to redress this imbalance.