Transactional support outsourcing & TUPE

We advise businesses on the workforce issues which arise in business sales, acquisitions, mergers, and outsourcing, including due diligence, TUPE and exit or retention terms for senior executives.  

"Expertise transactional support.

Staff are a key aspect of any business sale, acquisition or outsourcing -  but they often come with complex legal obligations.   We steer our clients through the  transaction process, negotiate robustly, and minimise their exposure.

Our Employment team advises on the employment aspects of all types of corporate transactions, including mergers, sales and acquisitions, investment deals and outsourcing.

We provide our clients with the full range of transaction-related services, including due diligence, negotiating employment terms in transaction agreements, advice on TUPE obligations and drafting and negotiating executive service agreements and incentive terms. 

Whichever party we're acting for, we focus on providing expert, pragmatic advice to help them achieve their commercial aims, within their desired time-frames. 

We advise on all aspects of TUPE, including cross-border transactions, and ensure that our clients understand how it operates, what their obligations are, and how to manage the associated risks.  We are frequently asked to project-manage international transactions for our clients, using our international networks to provide seamless support across multiple jurisdictions. 

Our work for our clients continues long after the parties have signed on the dotted line.  We work with them to make the transition period as straightforward as possible, including giving them advice on restructuring, redundancies, and standardising contractual terms.    

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