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ESG - Corporate governance

Good corporate governance means good business. We work with boards to ensure that the 4 P's of people, processes, performance and purpose are aligned by accountable, transparent, fair and responsible decision making, assisted and not fettered by its business structure.

"Boardroom setting with table and chairs.

Mere statutory and legal compliance is no longer enough. A company's structure, reward and governance must be aligned to ensure business sustainability and social responsibility.

Ensuring that the management team is kept abreast of the increasingly broad legal and regulatory framework, as well as managing reputational risk, represents an enormous governance challenge for businesses.

A succession of high-profile business failures have had at their heart a failure of good governance. This appreciation has led to a growing global trend to legislate, creating an ever more complex business environment in which companies operate. Good management has however long recognised that mere compliance is not enough to maintain the highest standards of governance.

The rules, practices and processes of a business that underpin regulatory and statutory compliance are key to being recognised as a responsible business. Key stakeholders, be they shareholders, employees, customers, clients and suppliers will look at a company's commitment to its values and ethics in both its internal and external dealings.

It is through the planning and effective implementation that systems of direction and control, providing for the appropriate distribution of rights and responsibilities across a business, ensure that decision making is accountable, transparent, responsible and produces fairness in business dealing.

We provide the advice that enables boards to be confident in their decision making and how to meet their obligations to all business stakeholders. Our teams advise on the full range of governance issues. We advise on directors’ duties and liabilities, board composition and policies, director and senior executive contracts, remuneration structures and disclosures, including employee share plans and incentive arrangements.

We will assist a board in how to best navigate any actual or potential conflicts of interest. We possess great experience in the conduct of internal investigations and provide reputational and crisis management expertise when things go wrong.


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