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ESG - Built Environment

The global public health crisis, economic strife and political uncertainty over the last few years has led to increasing interest in sustainability throughout the built environment.

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As the ESG regulatory landscape continues to evolve throughout the built environment, whether this is focused on energy efficiency, planning or social value, it is imperative to be able to properly navigate around these.

We can help you with built environment sustainability. Every business will require a different level of support and we adapt our approach to support each client's needs. Below are examples of some of the areas we can add value to your business and help you to achieve your sustainability objectives.

Sustainability clauses

We are members of The Chancery Lane Project which seeks to develop new contracts and model laws to help fight climate change. Members of the team are very involved in helping develop a new legal clause "The Aatmay Clause" which provides for the inclusion of sustainable and circular economy principles in lease obligations relating to repair and alterations.

Green buildings

We advise clients in relation to making their buildings greener including the financing, development, construction, retrofitting, and third-party certification (including BREEAM/LEED certification) of commercial, energy, retail, leisure, industrial, and residential projects.

Protecting against costly disputes

We offer advice regarding emerging contractual and litigation issues in the design and construction of green buildings, including BREEAM/LEED-certified buildings.

Planning to be green from the outset

We can advise clients throughout the planning process as local governments heighten focus on sustainable development and biodiversity issues.

Green leasing

We represent landlords, tenants and investors with regard to green leasing, including drafting and negotiating agreements for lease, signed letters, memorandums of understanding, leases and related legal documents.

Ethical financing

We advise clients on green funding and suggesting ways in which funds can be structured for a greener investment.

Relationship and membership with the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC)

As corporate members, we introduce clients to key stakeholders in the UKGBC for further advice on things such as the Circular Economy and Towards Net Zero initiatives to get ahead.

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How to build a green building

Why has the growth of green developments been slow? Will developing green buildings become a regulatory requirement? How important are social value and the community when building developments? The panellists answered these questions and more at our joint webinar with CREW UK.

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Driving change collectively

Listen back to this Bisnow webinar which examines how the industry can drive the creation and management of sustainable places through a greater partnership between landlords and tenants. The panellists explore the ins and outs of Green Leases and how these innovative agreements can set the path for commercial partnerships that lock in sustainability.

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Driving change collectively: the beginning of sustainable neighbourhoods.


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