On the horizon in Employment law: September 2019

10 Sep 2019
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Brexit latest

The UK's exit from the EU is still (at time of writing!) due to happen on 31 October 2019, but the political and legal situation remains fluid and difficult to predict.  However, the Government has rowed back from its previous announcement about new rules for EU migrants arriving after 31 October 2019 (which could have caused significant practical issues for employers).  There will be no immediate change after 31 October save that EU migrants arriving after that date who wish to stay for longer than 3 months will need to apply for EU Temporary Leave. 

New guidance on signing non-disclosure agreements

The Law Society has published new guidance for workers who are being asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement (otherwise known as a confidentiality clause), whether in an employment contract or a settlement agreement.  Although the guidance is brief and straightforward, it highlights the ongoing controversy about the use of NDAs and the need to ensure that they are carefully drafted to reflect legal requirements.  

Handling data subject access requests 

The Information Commissioner's Office has updated its guidance on handling data subject access requests to reflect the correct method of calculating the time limit.  The one-month time limit runs from the date the request is received, not (as previously advised by the ICO) the day after receipt. 



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