SRA Diversity Survey 2019

What do the statistics reveal?

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Our Diversity results


  • Based on 138 responses = 37% of the firm
  • Responses came from a wide range of levels and ages
  • Gender identity confirms that, as with other firms in law, the male / female split changes as a lawyer progresses to partner
  • There is a low representation of those with a disability
  • The ethnicity of the firm is predominantly white British
  • Religious representation is heavily Christian / non-religious or atheist
  • Sexual orientation is primarily heterosexual
  • The results on the education background show that Howard Kennedy staff are from a range of school backgrounds

Who responded?

Diversity survey 2019 - role

Age range of those who responded

The survey attracted respondents from a wide range:

Diversity survey 2019 - age

Gender identity

The gender balance at solicitor level is more female whilst at partner level it switches to more male.

Diversity survey 2019 - gender


Diversity survey 2019 - disability


The firm has a wide range of cultures represented. The predominant one is white British.

Diversity survey 2019 - ethnicity


The predominant religions represented are atheist or no religion and Christian.

Diversity survey 2019 - religion

Sexual orientation

Diversity survey 2019 - sexual orientation

School education

Diversity survey 2019 - school education