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ESG - Sustainable finance and investment

Increasing regulatory pressures and demand from investors means that fund and asset managers are more and more required to embed sustainable investment throughout their businesses and various investment mandates.

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Financial institutions are increasingly required to assess, monitor and disclose the sustainability of their investments. This agenda is being driven by the expansion of legislative and regulatory requirements on both corporates and investors.

Surveys have shown that a majority of companies are now factoring in ESG principles when raising debt, and a substantial proportion of these are now reporting on ESG matters to lenders and other stakeholders. ESG credentials are also important when selecting which financial institutions to transact with.

These include the way a business manages its carbon emissions, energy efficiency, and waste; the commitment to diversity and inclusion and the fair access to employment opportunities and terms; and the governance around shareholder rights, avoidance of wrong-doing, reporting transparency, tax compliance, and the implementation of robust policies and procedures.

Our multi-disciplinary expertise means we are able to advise asset managers and institutional investors on the regulations, opportunities and challenges in the sustainable finance market. Because of our wide-ranging experience, we are able to identify the issues and recommend compliant solutions to ensure responsible investments.


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