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Our Real Estate Dispute Resolution team provides landlords, leaseholders and Right to Manage Companies with advice and litigation support to navigate the complexities of the right to manage.

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Whether a group of leaseholders wishing to manage your property, or a landlord whose leaseholders are looking to exercise the right to manage, we can provide you with expert advice and strategy.

The "right to manage" is, broadly speaking, a right given to a group of leaseholders of flats held under long leases, to take over the management of their building.

To exercise the right, strict statutory criteria must be met. The right is a "no fault" right, meaning that no fault on the part of the landlord is required for the leaseholders to exercise the right. However, the statutory procedure is complex and claims can fail on technical errors if it is not followed correctly.

We regularly advise groups of leaseholders who wish to exercise the right to manage; they may be unhappy with the current management of their residential building, or they may simply wish to play a larger role in the day-to-day running of the building. We provide advice and support on compliance with the statutory criteria and can support a group of leaseholders every step of the way. This includes advising from the incorporation of the RTM Company and notices inviting participation through to the claim notice and registration of the RTM Company's interest at the Land Registry. If the right is disputed, where necessary, we can advise on and conduct Tribunal Proceedings. 

We also advise landlords whose leaseholders are seeking to exercise right to manage. From the outset, we will advise on whether the claim is valid, and our experienced specialists will guide you deftly through any complicating factors such as multiple buildings, mixed-used buildings and shared services. We will work closely with you throughout the process, providing clear advice and practical solutions.

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