Commercial contracts

Sponsorship & endorsements

We advise well-known brands and individuals across a range of sectors on negotiating sponsorship, endorsement and brand affinity agreements across all channels.

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Whether you are an individual or an organisation your brand is extremely valuable to you. We can help you maximise the advantage of any sponsorship or endorsement agreements and protect your brand from any associated damage.

The way consumers engage with brands has changed considerably. This had led to companies looking for new and innovative ways to promote their products and services. Increasingly clients are turning to partnerships with celebrities and influencers to build their brand. 

You know your audience and what will be attractive to them. We have the legal knowledge you need to ensure these marketing strategies are effectively executed. Protecting your brand, minimising risk and giving you the space to be creative and effectively collaborate with your partners.

We can help you with exploiting intellectual property rights, drafting commercial contracts and distribution agreements as well as negotiating online, digital and mobile rights agreements.

Whatever sector you are in we can help you turn your collaboration conversations into binding agreements. 

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