Katherine Miller heads the Knowledge Management team, responsible for delivery of the firm's knowledge strategy; employing appropriate technologies and systems to ensure the firm maximises its legal knowhow for the benefit of fee earners and clients.

Legal knowhow underpins the services offered at HK and Katherine is responsible for developing and delivering the firm's knowledge strategy.

The firm is committed to supplying consistently good quality advice in an efficient manner. Katherine is involved in projects which enable people to share, store and apply knowhow across teams for the mutual benefit of fee earners, as well as, clients using appropriate technology and systems.

Tech based solutions are valuable in many areas and Katherine regularly collaborates with the IT team to explore such projects as document automation.

She is keen to consider new ways to offer additional legal support to clients in line with  business strategy and by using available technology.

Katherine leads a community of professional support lawyers situated in five main departments. She additionally heads up the library and information team, all of whom are committed to providing a consistently high quality and efficient service.

Katherine previously worked as a transactional lawyer in the commercial real estate department for many years and has therefore been able to distil the benefit of this practical experience to bring  insight and  perspective to the role.

Did you know
Outside of work, Katherine enjoys pilates and kick boxing.


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