Lydia Christie and Adam Walford.

Talk Straight | Think Smart with Howard Kennedy: series one recap

Talk Straight | Think Smart with Howard Kennedy: series one recap

In this recap episode we take a look back at the first series of our Talk Straight | Think Smart podcast. What do all the guests have in common? Listen to find out.
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They all had that moment of entrepreneurial bravery, confidence, imagination, and went and did it.

Adam Walford, Partner, Howard Kennedy LLP

After hosting the first series of our Talk Straight | Think Smart podcast, what did Partner Adam Walford think were the key ingredients needed to create a successful entrepreneur? A strong work ethic, bravery, confidence and imagination. Find out why by listening to this recap episode.

We asked Adam if he ever thought he'd be hosting a podcast when he was training to be a lawyer. Considering iPods hadn't even been invented yet... he said no. But he believes lawyers now have a much wider role in the business community. They have the relevant knowledge and his advice to trainee lawyers is that they ought to have a voice in the conversation.

In this special edition, Legal Director Lydia Christie, joins Adam to ask him about the lessons learned from the impressive guests he's interviewed this year.

From losing trade mark applications in a flood in Delhi, to impromptu radio appearances, the guests have all had unique stories to tell. But despite their distinct personalities and businesses, they've got some things in common. No matter their journey, they've all had the spirit and confidence to take a chance on their idea.

Listen to the podcast to find out more. Subscribe to our Talk Straight | Think Smart podcast to hear future episodes from a wide range of inspirational entrepreneurs, with a new host for series two, Lydia Christie.

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Quick fire round

Each episode we ask our guests quick fire questions. Hover below to see what this revealed about this week's guest, Adam Walford....

Favourite episode

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Spencer as I've known him the longest.

Most desirable trait for an entrepreneur

Why us down arrow

Work ethic.

Zoom, here to stay or distant memory

Why us down arrow

Here to stay but to be used carefully.

People or tech

Why us down arrow

People every day.

If you weren't a lawyer or podcast host, what would you do?

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Farmer or chef.


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