Howard Kennedy increases Paternity Leave allowance

Howard Kennedy is committed to supporting all of its employees in both their professional and personal endeavours.

"Child holding adult hand.

As a firm we recognise that family dynamics have changed and even more so following the Covid-19 pandemic, so we regularly review our policies and benefits to ensure we not only endorse best practice, but to adapt and evolve to the needs of our people.

Having reflected on our Paternity Leave policy and we are very pleased to confirm that from 1 March 2022, all employees (subject to eligibility) will be able to take up to four weeks paid Paternity Leave inclusive of the two weeks Statutory Leave and Pay. Whilst the Statutory Paternity Leave has to be taken consecutively within eight weeks of a baby being born or in the case of adoption, placed, the additional two weeks of Paternity Leave can be taken at the employee’s choice at any time consecutively within six months of a baby being born / placed. We hope that this change to our policy reflects an inclusive work-life balance for our working parents.


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