Watch now | Rome wasn’t built in a day: HNW family considerations when relocating to the UK

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As the world becomes more connected, and families become more complex, many people have loved ones, properties and investments across the globe. This webinar provided a comprehensive overview of the planning and steps high net worth families, and their advisors, need to take to ensure their multi-generational interests are protected wherever they are in the world.

In this webinar the Private Wealth team used a case study to demonstrate the different aspects of the law that a HNW individual may encounter when moving to the UK from abroad. They followed the journey of Mr & Mrs Rossi a wealthy Italian couple and their family who have decided to uproot their life in Rome and move to London.

The couple and their three children had built up close links with distant relatives and friends in the UK over the years. An opportunity had arisen for Mr Rossi to lead the London office at a direct competitor to his current organisation, at a senior directorship level. It's his dream job and the perfect excuse for the family to fulfil their long term goal of one day moving to the UK.

But with the move comes a number of obstacles for Mr and Mrs Rossi to navigate, including:

  • getting the correct visas in place
  • buying a new home
  • getting their tax and succession planning in order
  • organising their youngest child's education arrangements
  • finalising the contract for Mr Rossi's new role
  • trying to keep troublesome media attention out of the headlines.
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Watch now | Rome wasn’t built in a day: HNW family considerations when relocating to the UK

Listen to our expert panel discussion on considerations for HNW family when relocating to the UK.

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