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What implications has the pandemic had on the planning industry including the grant of planning consents and the payment of CIL? What do I need to think about when varying development agreements and contracts to deal with C-19 issues? How can I protect myself and my business on deals going forward? 

The latest webinar in our REAL talk FAQ series sees our real estate lawyers answer these frequently asked questions (and more!) that we're hearing from concerned clients in the sector. 

The webinar lasts 45 minutes and features our expert panel of lawyers answering the questions we’re seeing the most. 

The panel includes:

  • Shreena Avery Senior Associate, Development 
  • Jade Chalmers, Director of Planning 
  • Hannah Sondana, Solicitor, Construction 

The event is moderated by Chirag Rao, Senior Associate, Real Estate Development.

Watch the webinar recording below.


Speakers at Real Estate webinar.

Watch the recording here

This session is useful for any developer or landowner and will give you useful insight into what implications COVID-19 has had from a planning, construction and general contractual point of view.
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