Watch now | Employment webinar: practical tips for handling grievances and investigations at work

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Even the most conscientious employer can find itself faced with an employee grievance. If you don't handle it in a fair and legally-compliant way, your business may be exposed to significant legal and reputational risks. But doing so isn't always straightforward.

Our employment experts Partner Sam Murray-Hinde and Legal Director Lydia Christie hosted a practical session looking at how to handle grievance investigations. They discussed some common problem areas, including:

  • who should investigate – and when you need to bring in external help
  • grievances raised during disciplinary, performance management or redundancy processes
  • anonymity and confidentiality
  • dealing with repeated or vexatious complaints.


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Watch now | Practical tips for handling grievances and investigations 

Listen to our employment experts discuss how to handle grievance investigations.

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