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Challenges facing developers are diverse: from planning, environmental concerns and competition for sites to social impact and changing legislation.

Howard Kennedy and CREW UK came together on Wednesday 21 October to hold a webinar on how to build a green building when considering social value and a project's positive impact.

Our panel discussed the past, present and future position on the importance of building sustainably and how the process has evolved.

We explored the following topics:

  • Green buildings are not a new concept, but the desire to develop in this way hasn't been the fastest. Why is this?
  • What are the drivers for big institutional developers and investors such as British Land?
  • Will it become a regulatory requirement?
  • When thinking "green" it's not just the building to consider, how important are social value and communities?
  • Should the resilience of buildings now be factored in, especially bearing in mind the carbon cost?
  • Has the impact of COVID brought well-being to the forefront, how do we address this?
  • Where is the tensions between wellbeing and energy efficiency?
  • Will investors demand more from their buildings, and what they give back to their surrounding communities?

Our expert panel:

  • Juliette Morgan, Head of Sustainable Development, British Land
  • Jonce Walker, Global Director of Sustainability and Wellness, HLW
  • Heidi Blau, FAIA, LEED AP, Partner | Management Committee, FXCollaborative
  • Mariya Tsvetkova, Senior Associate, FORE Partnership
  • Rebecca Davison, Senior Associate, Howard Kennedy and CREW UK Board Member
Solar power.

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What do you get when six passionate people about sustainability come together? An inspiring conversation about how to build a green building when considering social value and a project's positive impact.

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