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Climate change litigation hots up

Litigation is becoming a key tool for activists seeking to encourage climate change mitigation efforts. These cases have the potential to play an important role in the movement towards the phase-out of fossil fuels. Gabi Luknar and Luke Barden de Lacroix report on current trends in this area, in particular considering recent litigation against Shell.

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Legal updates and insights

Could software developers owe fiduciary duties to Bitcoin owners? The latest instalment in the Tulip Trading saga.

The Court of Appeal's recent decision means the court will be asked to determine whether, and to what extent, the defendant cryptocurrency developers owed Tulip fiduciary duties. Ajay Fournillier and Josh Page consider the case.

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Fuller's say insurers should have come to the table after Corbyn & King decision

With more information now available, Robyn Watson takes a closer look at the nature of Fuller's business interruption insurance claim and how these proceedings fit within the wider context of Covid-19 related insurance claims.

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Federal Republic of Nigeria v Process & Industrial Developments Limited – Key insights from the $11.1bn claim

What lessons will be learned from the outcome of one of the highest value arbitral enforcement disputes seen by the English Courts? Toheeb Amuda considers the impact for commercial parties, governments, and arbitrators.


News from the Bridge

Financial Fair Play – The Rules, Circumventions and Future of Football Governance 

In a recent four part series, Ron Khujneri and Rufus Scholefield have provided insight, comment and analysis on the UEFA's FFP regulations.
This included a breakdown of the rules, a review of potential sanctions and punishments and, in their concluding instalment, a consideration of what may be in store for the future. Read all four parts on our website by clicking below.

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Insolvency Corner

The insolvency of FTX and its potential impact on the regulation of crypto

The implosion of US cryptocurrency exchange FTX has led to a renewed interrogation of regulation in the sector. Rebecca Wyke and Rebecca Durkin consider what is being done to address the inherent risks in this volatile and fast-moving market.

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