Overseas buyers in UK property - Top 5 things to consider

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The truth of the matter is there is no scientific formula of what makes the perfect property. There are so many factors that you need to take into account and one of the main driving factors is why are you investing? Are you looking for a holiday home? For a base for work or college? An investment opportunity which you hope to pass to your children? It is only once you have figured out the "Why?" can you truly consider the what should be your top 5 things to consider.

This pandemic has shown that the home is more important than ever with the majority of us having to spend so much time indoors. However, it has also changed the way that the world operates. We have now shown that in many industries we can work from home. Pre-Pandemic being close to an office, client or contact was the most important thing, now green spaces, the sea and a forest is considered valuable.

The key thing is you and what you are looking for however here are our top 5 things to consider:

  • Location! Location! Location! If you want a Property bordering Hyde Park or within walking distance to the amazing entertainment at the Royal Albert Hall or being able to stumble home from a night out in Soho then London is the place to be. Vibrant and cosmopolitan it is a City that caters for everyone's tastes. Or perhaps you prefer the sea air of Cornwall or idyllic setting of a lodge in the Cotswolds.

  • Amenities: If you are looking for a permanent move then private schools may be a key thing to consider. Alternatively if this is your holiday home, being close to Selfridges or Harrods might be a must have for you to ensure that you can enjoy retail therapy. Just having a local bakery, butcher and fishmongers might be important. Or perhaps, you need a nice local pub and a Waitrose at the end of the road.

  • Transport connections: In the world we live in we need to be connected and therefore transport connections are normally pivotal. Are you regularly commuting to and from New York, in which case you need to have easy access to Heathrow Airport. Or do you have family or friends in other parts of the United Kingdom, in which case you may want to be close to the M25 or another major motorway. Or are you jumping around the City? In which case you will need to have your Oyster card ready so you can enjoy the Tube.

  • How you buy it: The UK is still considered to be such a strong investment and as a result there are ample opportunities to buy here with the benefit of a mortgage. Or due to tax considerations, you may want to acquire multiple dwellings or acquire a property in a corporate vehicle.

  • How it makes you feel: there is no beating the feeling of viewing multiple properties then walking in and deciding, this is the one! Call it sixth sense, a feeling, a sign – but it is not to be underestimated. Sometimes you can get that feeling just from looking at the brochure and sometimes it is when you first set eyes on the property. It is usually the key driving factors for people buying somewhere to live.

What makes Howard Kennedy's services so special is that we try and understand what is so important to you about your acquisition so that we can work together to acquire your perfect property. 


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