On the horizon employment law: November 2019

21 Nov 2019
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Policies for employment law reform

Although the looming election may be dominated by Brexit, the main parties have announced policies for employment law reform.   

  • The Labour Party has proposed perhaps the most radical changes, envisaging sector-wide collective bargaining, a 4 day working week, a ban on zero hours contracts and a right for employees of larger companies to obtain shares in their employers' businesses. 
  • The Liberal Democrats have proposed a package of family-friendly reforms, including a requirement for large companies to publish parental leave policies, longer paternity leave, a right to shared parental leave from the start of employment and increased free childcare. 
  • As for the Conservative Party, it is unclear which of the (many) changes being considered under the last Government will be taken forward by this Government, but reforms to NDAs and confidentiality terms, enhanced anti-harassment duties for employers and reforms to Statutory Sick Pay are likely to be on the agenda. 

Miscarriage and the workplace

Sadly, many employees will experience a miscarriage during their employment.   In our experience, employers are often unsure how to respond.   The Miscarriage Association has produced helpful guidance for employers on how to support staff in these circumstances.


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