On the horizon employment law: March 2020

03 Mar 2020
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Point-based post-Brexit immigration system

The Government has published plans for the point-based post-Brexit immigration system.  Potential migrants will need to demonstrate that they can speak English and have a job offer with a minimum salary (the level of which will depend on whether it is a shortage occupation).  The plans have been greeted with dismay by employers in sectors such as hospitality, retail and health and social care.

Termination payments

From 6 April 2020, the balance of any non-contractual termination payment over £30,000 will be subject to employer national insurance contributions, significantly increasing the costs of termination payments for employers.  Employers who are negotiating settlements with employees would be well-advised to conclude negotiations swiftly to minimise additional costs.

Changes to written statement of terms

Employers' preparations for April 2020 changes to written statement of terms should now be well underway.  It's important to remember that as of April employers will be required to provide written statements of terms to workers as well as employees (although some terms, such as details of grievance and disciplinary procedures, usually do not apply to non-employees).


IR35 changes will also come into force in April.   In a helpful change to previous proposals, the new rules will apply only to services provided on or after 6 April, rather than payments made on or after that date.



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