Spotlight on… Wulf & Lamb

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"Inside Wulf and lamb restaurant.

Wulf & Lamb is a plant-based restaurant with two locations in London, Chelsea and Marylebone. Their menu focuses on creating indulgent comfort food, with vegan versions of familiar classics, and they are renowned for their vegan mac’n’cheese (we highly recommend it!).

How did it all begin?

Seven years ago Rosanna von Zweigbergk moved from London to New York, where she was working in the finance sector. Having just started a plant-based diet, Rosanna was delighted to see how many vegan restaurants there were in New York. And not only that, they were the places to eat in New York (not just for vegans) with a real buzz about them. Rosanna spotted a gap in the market back in the UK and returned to start Wulf & Lamb to help drive and shape the vegan scene in London. The first site in Chelsea opened in 2017, and due to the success of that, the second restaurant opened in Marylebone in February 2020.

Then came lockdown

Almost as soon as the Marylebone restaurant had opened the Covid-19 pandemic began to unravel. They made the decision to close a few days before the enforced Government lockdown with the safety interest of their staff and customers at the forefront of mind. The reality of the situation was a few hours to pack up and close everything down, not something that could have ever been predicted, or wished for.    

Throughout August, Wulf & Lamb have seen encouraging activity in the neighbourhoods that they operate and expect trade to pick up over the next three to six months. The teams in both restaurants are well prepared and although there will be differences, such as the staff in face masks and a temperature check on arrival, they're looking forward to looking after and providing an escape for their customers after lockdown. They are optimistic that the regulars in Chelsea will return to support them, and are excited to welcome, and get to know, the locals at their new Marylebone site – especially as they have a beautiful outside space there.

Community is everything

Chelsea and Marylebone were carefully chosen as the location for the two restaurants because of the strong community feel there. Wulf & Lamb are a neighbourhood restaurant and their regulars make up the largest part of their customer base. It's that element that makes working there so enjoyable for the staff and has provided invaluable feedback over the years. Seeing familiar faces while sharing food and conversation is the core part of their ethos and culture.   

Wulf & Lamb are reopening their Marylebone restaurant on Monday 24 August and Chelsea restaurant on Thursday 3 September. Please go and support them if you can, and don’t forget to try their vegan mac’n’cheese!


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