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We provide trade mark services for entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, established companies and multinationals. We advise and assist our clients with trade mark strategy, filing, prosecution, protection, defence and enforcement of their trade mark rights.

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Our trade mark services are customised to your industry sector and your specific needs whether you are an individual, a small start-up or a large business.

You may not yet have a trade mark, you may already be using one or more or have them registered. You may be acquiring rights, looking to expand your business, or you may wish to consolidate your rights, streamline or trim down your trade mark holdings. You may wish to assert your rights or take corrective measures. In all of these scenarios, we will provide the most practical and relevant trade mark options to help you with your commercial decisions. 

We'll help you with strategic portfolio management, trade mark audit and advice, as well as availability searches, preparing, filing and prosecuting applications to register trade marks, and with the renewal of trade marks. Once your mark is registered we can put in place watching services to alert you of attempts by third parties to register similar marks. 

We can assist with UK, European Union and WIPO (International) trade marks. Further overseas territories are covered through our network.

We can help with the commercial exploitation of your trade mark rights. Our team can assist with trade mark licences and assignments, franchise, and distribution agreements.

We regularly assist on corporate transactions, including due diligence and advice in mergers and acquisitions, and recording assignments and licences at the UK and EU Intellectual Property Offices.

Where rights overlap, we can help with opposition proceedings, cancellation proceedings post registration (invalidity and revocation) and appeals from oppositions and cancellation proceedings. If an agreement is reached, we'll help with a co-existence or settlement agreement.

And in the event that you need to go to court, you'll have a team behind you used to acting on every type of trade mark-related dispute, trade mark enforcement and litigation, criminal trade mark prosecutions, and alternative dispute resolution including mediation and arbitration.  We are also experienced in domain name dispute resolution and Company Names Tribunal complaints based on trade mark rights.

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