Internal investigations

Private prosecutions

Our white collar crime lawyers are experienced in conducting investigations and launching private criminal prosecutions on behalf of corporates, charities, high-net-worth individuals and family offices.

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We are uniquely positioned to provide clients with holistic advice on the criminal and civil law remedies available to them as victims of fraud and economic crime.

Bringing a private prosecution is not an action to be undertaken lightly. Our lawyers are experienced in conducting internal investigations allowing our clients to make an objective decision as to whether they wish to commence a private prosecution.

We represent companies and individuals in all manners of private prosecutions. Whether you find yourself the victim of fraud, forgery, or have suffered economic loss as the result of dishonest behaviour, you'll have a team behind working hard to take the stress out of the situation.

We advise corporates on bringing action against dishonest or fraudulent employees, and help businesses to use criminal enforcement to protect their intellectual property. In regards to charities, we help them bring criminal prosecutions to protect them from fraud within and on their organisations.

Our team advises each of our clients on the best course of action suited to your particular case. When a private prosecution may not be the appropriate response, our civil fraud lawyers and commercial litigators can advise on civil remedies available to seek justice and to assist with the recovery of assets. 

We also assist individuals and companies in reporting crimes to the relevant law enforcement agencies. We can gather and prepare the most complex evidence and present it to state authorities in a clear and concise way that will increase the likelihood of the crime being successfully prosecuted.


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