Fraud & Asset Recovery

Emergency action

In appropriate cases, our Commercial Dispute Resolution team will act quickly with emergency court action to protect your position.  

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Our team can provide advice before proceedings are issued and will work quickly to formulate an appropriate strategy with you. 

You may be involved in a dispute and have real concerns about the potential dissipation of assets or the destruction of significant evidence.  We will advise you on the Court's requirements and its approach to emergency applications as well as other key considerations and risks involved.

We can also advise on the possible challenges to orders obtained which affect you or your assets.

Our team offers advice to either party to a dispute and our advice will depend upon your particular circumstances. 

We pride ourselves on providing straightforward and strategic advice tailored to your specific needs.  

Our services include:

  • restraining and freezing injunctions: prohibiting property or evidence being disposed of; preventing disposal of an item or property; requiring provision of information to help recover assets; or stopping wrongful misbehaviour

  • search orders - a civil order entitling the search of premises and the recovery and preservation of property or documentation

  • acting as Supervising Solicitors

  • injunctions in a wide range of situations

  • disclosure orders

  • restraint orders ancillary to a criminal investigation (including their impact on spouses and third parties)

  • asset recovery orders

  • anti-suit injunctions

  • orders for the detention, custody or preservation of property

  • declarations from the Court (for example as to construction or enforceability of contract)

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