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Our team of family law experts works closely with clients to help them understand the complexity of cohabitation, including advice on how to navigate the law and if needed, representation in disputes. 

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The reality of modern day living is that many couples enjoy long relationships without choosing to marry.

They share their finances to varying degrees, and often live together in property owned by one or both parties in equal or unequal shares.

To the surprise of many people, the notion of a “common law marriage” is simply a myth and carries no weight in law. Despite calls for reform, the law on cohabitation remains complex and there exists a patchwork of legal remedies available. In the absence of specialist legal advice, unmarried individuals can often find themselves facing costly and complicated litigation without the remedies available to married couples.

We assist unmarried clients in understanding their rights when they are in such relationships, and advise on all aspects of cohabitation, including the drafting of cohabitation contracts and the resolution of issues arising from a separation.

Whilst we aim to find a solution through negotiation, sometimes litigation does prove to be necessary. Our team has extensive experience acting for clients, both those bringing and those resisting such claims.

For those relationships involving children, we can advise individuals in relation to any financial claims in respect of the children. 

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